We help organizations solve complex, strategic, ambiguous problems through people-centered approaches.


Most of these problems can be solved by innovating products, services, brands, processes, experiences.


Applying tools and methods from design (i.e. Design Thinking, UX, ideation); business (i.e. Strategy, lean, innovation management); and social sciences (i.e. ethnography, behavioral economics).

For over a decade, INSITUM has been solving key innovation challenges and developing innovation capabilities for the world’s leading companies. Our innovation approach is centered on understanding and co-creating with the people who use, buy, distribute, sell, influence and/or interact with our clients' products and services.

We work globally. With more than 150 consultants and offices in Chicago, Barcelona, Mexico City, Bogota, Lima, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires, we have many trusted partners in other parts of the world, most notably Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa.


Our Team

Our multidisciplinary teams of 140+ professionals combine diverse backgrounds and unique skills, experience and know-how. In our daily practice, we collaborate by integrating expertise in research, strategy and human-centered design.



We roll up our sleeves and get to work. We generate results that matter, collaborating side-by-side with our clients.

We are fortunate to work with leading global organizations that rely on us to help them solve their greatest challenges.