Empowering Natura to improve relationship management through an empathetic understanding of user journeys in the stakeholder ecosystem.

Natura, a major Brazilian cosmetics manufacturer, grew rapidly after implementing a new sales force structure model in 2008. This growth resulted in operational and administrative changes that affected stakeholders throughout the corporate structure including suppliers, employees, sales force and customers. Knowing these changes could be frustrating for stakeholders, Natura sought the help of INSITUM to map the relationship journeys between the company and its partners to identify the main challenges and use these to create new guidelines and initiatives to improve relationship management practices.


We worked with Natura on several projects during the last few years to provide a constant stream of insights and ideas for innovation concerning their relationship journey with stakeholders. We identified three different spheres integral to understanding this journey: philosophical, emotional and functional. This was accomplished by setting relationship guidelines to facilitate existing processes, addressing mapped opportunities and engaging employees to collaboratively design new solutions that improve stakeholders’ satisfaction levels across different touch-points with the company.

Ensuring a good relationship management is crucial to have high satisfaction levels in the long run, especially in times of rapid growth.

"The relationship mapping helped Natura to oxygenate and reinvent itself from the stakeholders perspective, understanding and prioritizing what is important to them."

Mariana Stock
Relationship & Stakeholers Engagament Manager, Natura

“This is great. The kind of output that we were expecting. Something to show to the leadership that they think they already know, but from another perspective.”

Rodrigo Anunciato
Relationship Marketing Manager, Natura


Over the years, INSITUM’s team has conducted several research and co-creation forums for Natura across Brazil, crafting and updating Natura's journey and creating a relationship thermometer to measure relationship success for the entire stakeholders ecosystem. This approach enabled us to provide valuable insights that ranged from small functional needs, like adjustments to the internal communication process with manufacturing suppliers, to broad structural implications, like the need to redesign the flow of online and offline touch points in order to create a consistent experience for customers throughout the journey.

After establishing active listening and co-creation processes across business units we began a new phase  to empower Natura’s employees to conduct this process independently. As part of a collaborative effort with Natura’s Relationship Management we've designed new processes, developed a toolkit and trained their team. By conducting hands-on activities with the right tools, we taught them how to correctly plan a research study, execute exploratory, generative or evaluative forums, analyze results in an actionable way, and share the outputs with the entire company.


Since the beginning of this project, Natura's understanding of their role within the stakeholder ecosystem grew substantially. Several new initiatives have begun based on the insights from Escuta Natura. This is guiding several departments to focus their efforts in productive areas and to merge stakeholders needs with businesses decisions.