Acquiring a deep understanding of the education ecosystem in developing countries as a platform for the creation of new technological products for teachers, students and parents.

Intel, one of the biggest technology manufacturer companies in the world, found that the education market in developing countries might become a key segment for which to construct demand in the future. However, education systems in these countries are very complex, and designing products for this sector represents an important challenge.

Our client needed constant feedback to explore new product opportunities, evaluate emerging ideas, and refine early concepts based constantly on user insights. 


We worked with Intel in several projects during three years with the objective of providing a constant flux of insights and ideas for technological products and services for the education market in Latin America.

The key for the adoption  of new technologies and reaching effective communication is achieving intuitive, efficient, useful, and more usable experiences.

“Great insights, great ideas, great stuff. The response to the work of INSITUM has been overwhelmingly positive and is being used as the baseline for our other [innovation] labs worldwide.”

Tony Salvador - Director of Experience Insights Lab, Intel Corporation


We assigned a team of five consultants (marketing, design, and social sciences) scattered between Mexico and Brazil, who conducted a series of short projects that yielded quick findings.

INSITUM’s teams worked with Intel’s teams carrying out research, analysis, and innovation processes in different Intel laboratories around the world.

We worked simultaneously in various phases of the innovation process, from research, exploratory ethnography, co-creation sessions with end users, ideation sessions with our client, rapid prototyping to even usability studies on some concepts.


Since the beginning of this project the Intel's understanding of the educational market has increased substantially, and the Classmate PC was created within Intel Learning Series. As of 2011, 750,000 PCs were distributed, providing learning for all students and training for all teachers.