Brand Strategy

Developing a unique and authentic brand strategy for your company through research and innovation.

Brand Strategy is a key pillar in building and supporting the necessary awareness and engagement needed to maintain a committed and authentic relationship with your customer. At INSITUM, we build effective brand strategies through research and innovation and help you differentiate your current brand efforts from the competition. The strategy you choose defines the quality of the community surrounding your brand and translates into the power behind your business.





Discover new business opportunities and white spaces for your brand. Envision how to grow over time. Build a relevant value proposition and position that connects with people's needs and desires.

  • Brand assessment: Understand the current state of a brand.
  • Strategic opportunity definition: Analyze the competitive landscape to detect new opportunities.
  • Brand positioning: Define a relevant value proposition to occupy a special place in people´s mind.
  • Brand DNA: Determine what makes a brand different from others.
  • Brand architecture & portfolio management: Decide how to organize a set of brands and how to manage a product portfolio to be effective.
  • Brand extension: Launch new products or services under an existing brand to expand business.
  • Brand evolution roadmap: Envision the future of a brand and identify the potential for growth.


Create a differentiated brand identity that expresses its essence and core values. Define communication and visual brand guidelines that inform execution.

  • Naming: Find a strong name for your brand, product, or service.
  • Identity concept and design: Design a powerful and relevant visual concept and logo.
  • Packaging concept and design: Give character and differentiation to products.
  • Communication territories definition: Explore how to communicate your brand´s positioning.
  • Communication concept guidelines: Generate communication platforms that lead to the creation of effective content and messages.


Define an experience that provides people a connection to your brand. Design strategies that give life to your brand at every touchpoint.

  • Brand activation concepts: Design experience concepts to activate brand awareness in a person's life.
  • Touchpoint branding strategy: Define guidelines that apply brand expression to all relevant touchpoints throughout the customer journey.
  • Organizational branding strategy: Communicate core values and brand foundations inside the company.