Preparing your organization and collaborating partners to continuously innovate.

Organizations today are facing all types of complex problems that demand new approaches which require an ongoing understanding of users and stakeholders. Organizations are beginning to recognize the need to develop new capabilities, using human-centered design and the fresh perspective that it offers, in order to solve these challenges.

INSITUM has extensive experience and methodology know-how when it comes to addressing these new challenges and developing all kinds of solutions that create value. It is for this reason that we have created INSITUM INSIDE. It is an opportunity for any company, regardless of industry, to learn about the methodological elements of human-centered design in a practical way. Our goal is to help companies acquire the ability to replicate these human-centered design elements internally so they can solve their own ongoing challenges.




Help participants understand the innovation process. Walk participants through the phases of a design thinking project as they learn how to set goals, plan projects, generate hypotheses, prepare fieldwork, make quick ethnography, and generate insightful conclusions and further implications, all of which stems from in-depth knowledge of users and challenges.

We have 3 skill development formats that deliver differents levels of in-depth understanding:

  • 1-day bootcamp:
    Agile course that helps the team to learn about Design Thinking. With a theoretical base, we take the participants through the design thinking process and quick exercises that allow them to get familiar with this methodology.
  • 3-day bootcamp:
    This course delves into the theory and proposes more concrete practical developments. We focus on addressing specific issues related to the internal challenges that many companies face.
  • 5-day program:
    Design Thinking mentorship program that assigns INSITUM experts to follow-up with and mentor your company's team as they implement the innovation process within your organization.


Learn how Behavioral Economic principles apply to real-life challenges. Behavioral theory will help you to design more precise and effective solutions.



Learn how to put concepts and prototypes into action, as well as address issues such as piloting, creating value propositions, constructing business models, and using metrics to measure the results of innovation.

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Understand how to transform the knowledge of the user into tangible proposals that can be materialized, validated and iterated in a fast but structured way. During this course, participants learn how to make different kinds of prototypes with quick iterations and improvements in order to collect findings about their proposals.



Learn how your organization can utilize the basic principles of innovation to incorporate user perspective into your services, as well as create customer journeys, analyze contact points, develop service scenarios, personas, and other tools to diagnose, design, and communicate new experiences.