Organizing for Innovation

Creating and nurturing a culture of innovation within your organization.

Culture, at the end of the day, is what guides organizations. It is the underlying criteria that drives the everyday decisions and actions of its members. An established culture of innovation within your organization nurtures the mindset and behaviors required for developing new and relevant outcomes. This makes innovation happen successfully and sustainably.

At INSITUM, we help established organizations throughout their journeys to create and nurture a culture of innovation. With your organization, we will co-create a tailor-made innovation model that supports the creation of a culture of innovation that is inline with your overall purpose and business goals as well as the new challenges of fast-changing contexts that affect your organization.





Innovation consultants immerse themselves inside your organization to understand its purpose, context, challenges, processes, as well as its underlying beliefs. Identify potential triggers for innovation as well as barriers to innovation. Help organizations discover and identify their innovation maturity level as well as other opportunity areas.



Define an innovative vision and focus that establishes criteria and priorities and determine what kind of innovation is relevant. Identify spaces that are pertinent to explore. Establish future competitive advantages for planning and development.



Co-create with your organization to develop your own innovation model which works across these four strategic pillars:

  • Strategy:
    The vision and focus that will enable to set the criteria and priorities for innovation.
  • Tools and processes: 
    Develop and manage different types of innovation initiatives using human-centered methods, tools (physical and digital), spaces and infrastructure.
  • Structure:
    Organizational architecture that will enable innovation across your organization: governance, resources, roles, metrics, incentives, relationships within and outside the organization, etc.
  • Capabilities:
    Profiles, mindset, knowledge, skills and competences the teams are required to develop in order to tackle diverse innovation challenges.


Implement and iterate the innovation model. Provide support to your organization as you build the required skills and capabilities within your innovation teams. Guide the implementation and launch of innovation pilot projects.