Creating positive impact for people and organizations.

We specialize in helping our clients - from start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to public sector institutions - solve complex and often ambiguous problems by creating human-centered products, services, brands and experiences. We empower organizations to develop capabilities and establish their own internal culture of innovation.

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Strategic Research

Understanding the people and trends affecting your business.

  • In-depth Audience Exploration
  • Trend + Theme Analysis
  • Futuring
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Brand Strategy

Creating effective strategies to build committed and authentic brands that connect with the people. 

  • Brand Foundations
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Experience
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Product Definition

Developing new products or adapting existing ones in order to satisfy both consumers and clients' needs. 

  • Product Design
  • Innovation Pipeline
  • Product Line Extension
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Service Design

Designing effective service experiences for clients and adding value to organizations. 

  • Touchpoint Enhancement Sprint
  • Service Diagnosis
  • Touchpoint Solutions
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Healthcare Innovation

Making healthcare and medical experiences more patient-centered. 

  • Patient Journey and Ecosystem Mapping
  • Health Innovation Strategy
  • Design of Healthcare Services and Solutions
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Organizing for innovation

Creating and supporting an innovation culture. 

  • Innovation Diagnosis
  • Innovation Strategy Definition
  • Innovation Model Co-creation
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Social Innovation

Amplifying positive impact by creating solutions that meet the needs of society as a whole. 

  • Research for Social Impact
  • Design for Government
  • Participatory Design
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Digital Strategy

Designing digital experiences that have a positive impact on business and on people’s lives.

  • Expert Interface Evaluation
  • User Experience Consulting
  • Digital Concepts Definition

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Preparing your organization and collaborators to continuously innovate.

  • Corporate Training Programs - Design Thinking
  • Behavioral Economics Bootcamp
  • Implementation Bootcamp