Is a skill development program built around organizational innovation and design thinking. The program is intended to build the innovation capabilities of leaders inside organizations.

INSITUM INSIDE is composed of a set of training modules tailored to the level of expertise and specific needs of individuals, teams and organizations.

INSITUM partners and consultants will train participants in our innovation process using various user-centered innovation methodologies such as: design thinking, behavioral sciences, ethnography, service design and more. By combining theory and practice, we will help participants tackle real problems and inspire implementation within their own organizations.


Solving Organizational Problems with Design [Thinking]

Organizations today are facing all types of complex problems in the areas of growth, loyalty, efficiency, retention, quality, technology — the list goes on and on. We all know that many of these challenges could be solved by applying a user-centered innovation approach in the interest of designing new processes, products, services, experiences and brands.

Unfortunately, most business leaders lack the skills, experience and/or internal support needed to create a culture of innovation. They are simply unable to apply some of the world’s most effective problem-solving techniques within their own organizations. We think this is tragic.

It is for this reason that we are launching INSITUM INSIDE, a unique educational offering that enables the exceptional researchers, innovators and design thinkers from Insitum to share our know-how with public and private organizations alike.

Which courses do we offer?

We will launch new courses every few months, but our first batch of training modules include the following:

Design Thinking Basics

You will understand the background and basic tenants of design thinking and learn to apply this approach to creatively solve basic organizational problems and generate valuable, novel and relevant ideas. In this module, participants will develop basic skills such as: problem redefinition, observation, empathy, collaboration, creativity, idea management, storytelling and execution — all important skills that will help jumpstart a culture of innovation inside your organization.

Behavioral Science Applied to Experience Design

We all know people are not rational beings, and a number of cognitive processes and limitations affect our decisions and the way we experience the world. Understanding these principles and learning how to apply them is key to developing delightful new experiences. In this course, we will review the basic principles of behavioral science and will learn how to apply these to the design of new customer-centric processes, services and products.

Design Research + Insight Development

Understanding people is at the core of any successful innovation, but people think, feel and behave in rather mysterious ways, so obtaining insights is not a straightforward process. In order to understand your user holistically, we need to rely on tools and techniques from the social sciences--anthropology, sociology, psychology and others. In this module, we will learn how to plan great research, do immersive fieldwork, conduct analysis sessions and generate relevant insights that will help you empathize and learn more about the unmet needs, perceptions, expectations and characteristics of your customers.

Organizational Innovation + Strategy

This module is centered on learning how to develop an innovation strategy and to understand the various models for implementing innovation within an organization and helping develop its culture.Participants will analyze various innovation models and evaluate the best options according to their organization’s needs and competitive context. Then we will provide an innovation strategy framework to define their priorities and projects by using a real-world example.

Contextual Immersion Tours

One of the first steps in the innovation process is understanding the state of the art in regards to specific topics—whether it is a sector or market segment. Our Contextual Immersion tours are designed to provide unique opportunities to experience the best practices, trends, precursors and companies innovating in specific sectors. For now, we have designed three contextual immersion tours focused on specific verticals: Tourism and hospitality innovation (Barcelona); Retail innovation (Barcelona); Emerging consumer culture (Brazil, Mexico, US Hispanics).

Service Design Basics

What customers want from products is not necessarily ownership, but rather the function that the product provides or the service the product can deliver, this is why designing user-centered services becomes crucial to achieve growth. Service design is an emerging practice centered on organizing people, infrastructure and messages in order to improve the quality of the service and its interaction with people. In this course, we will learn the basics of service innovation such as creating journey maps, touchpoint analysis, service blueprints, service scenarios and other tools to diagnose, design and communicate new services and experiences.

Who is this for?

INSITUM INSIDE is for individuals, teams and organizations interested in:

  • Developing a culture of innovation and user-centricity

  • Encouraging intrapreneurship and cross-functional initiatives

  • Exploring opportunities to improve various aspects of their organization

  • Testing new approaches to solving business problems

  • Training innovation leaders within organizations

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