INSITUM is a leading strategic innovation consulting firm. We help organizations solve complex, strategic and ambiguous problems through people-centered approaches.

For over 15 years, INSITUM has been solving key innovation challenges and developing innovation capabilities for the world’s leading companies. Our innovation approach is centered on understanding and co-creating with the people who use, buy, distribute, sell, influence and/or interact with our clients’ products and services.

Insitum Colombia is in search of a Junior Business developer who brings in a unique blend of networking skills and drive for excellence within a growing, innovation driven culture.


Once here you will:

• Map Colombia and Latam industries to prioritize strategic sales paths accordingly.

• Identify key profiles/executives in each industry.

• Reach costumers through different strategies: cold calling, emails, LinkedIn or social networks, etc.

• Schedule meetings to present credentials.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills, specially to effectively share Insitum’s core and success cases.

• Management of costumers data on Data CRM.

• Propose high impact PR events (summits, talks and other events) in Latam region  to nourish client pipeline.


Candidate Qualifications:

• Ability of prospecting costumers and networking skills (rapport, listening, gaining confidence, post-sale relationship management). 

• 1-2 years experience in sales

• Bachelor’s in administration, economy, business or similar field.

• Assertive, strong willpower, perseverant, decided and with frustration tolerance skills.

• Apply lateral thinking to proposals and internal processes to meet clients’ expectations.

• Is highly proficient in the use of professional networks such as Linkedin.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills.

• Well organized, proactive and capable of working under pressure.

• Avid consumer of business, economy, science, and technology media outlets. 

• Doesn’t suffer from the Dunning-Krugger effect.


If you meet the qualifications and are interested in this opportunity, send us your CV to The email’s subject should read “Business Developer CO”.


We will be accepting entries until April 6, 2018.