....Accenture acquires INSITUM ..Accenture adquiere INSITUM .. Accenture adquire INSITUM....


This is the beginning of a new phase of growth and impact. Accenture has completed the acquisition of INSITUM. Along with Fjord, design and innovation unit of Accenture Interactive, we are now part of the largest and most influential design organization in the world, with more than 1400 collaborators, 33 studios and opportunities beyond our imagination. These are exciting news that we hope you share as well!


Este es el comienzo de una nueva fase de crecimiento e impacto. Accenture ha completado la adquisición de INSITUM. Ahora somos parte de la organización de diseño más grande e influyente del mundo, con más de 1400 colaboradores, 33 estudios y oportunidades más allá de nuestra imaginación. ¡Espero que esta noticia te entusiasme tanto como a nosotros!


Este é o começo de uma nova fase de crescimento e impacto. A Accenture concluiu a aquisição da INSITUM. Agora fazemos parte da maior e mais influente organização de design do mundo, com mais de 1400 colaboradores, 33 estúdios e oportunidades além da nossa imaginação. Espero que esta notícia te entusiasme tanto quanto a nós!


INSITUM sponsoring Interaction Latin America 2019

Interaction Latin America (ILA) has chosen 'Convergence' as this year's theme. ILA is an event where people from all over the world meet and evolve, discussing their cultures, beliefs, and technologies. ILA is an amazing opportunity to connect with design and innovation leaders trying to build a better, more equitable society. INSITUM will sponsor the event, which starts on October 31st and goes until November 2nd. Learn more here! #INSITUMatILA19

Collaborating with UNDP Global Goals

At INSITUM we partnered with the Global Goals Jam, working together on local challenges related to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. By the end of September, all six INSITUM offices will have led workshops with local experts in their communities, co-designing interventions aimed at short-term targets that support long-term, sustainable goals. Learn more here!

El Cronista interviews Luis Arnal

The Argentinean business newspaper El Cronista interviewed INSITUM's CEO Luis Arnal. He talked about the role of empathy to innovate in the public sector and how to apply design thinking in the government. 

Universidad del Pacífico interviews Luis Arnal

INSITUM CEO Luis Arnal spoke at the Universidad del Pacífico about the innovation skills required for a better tomorrow. In this short interview you can check the highlights of his talk, his vision on innovation, and how organizations should leave their comfort zone to find appropriate solutions to their problems.

INSITUM supports entrepreneurship via NUMA

INSITUM supports entrepreneurship and innovation in many ways. This month, we are helping create a home for entrepreneurs in Mexico called Numa. Check it out here and if you are interested, you can help fund this initiative here.

Ivan Lucchini at Service Design Day

Every year from this year on, the 1st of June will be international Service Design Day, presented by the Service Design Network. Our Brazilian office Director Ivan Lucchini we'll present INSITUM work on service design at the Brazilian edition of the event. 

Luis Arnal at LAB4+

INSITUM's CEO Luis Arnal will be in Lima at 'LAB4+ IV Foro de Empreendimiento e Innovación'. The event is free and will have different learning and interaction formats, including keynote speeches, thematic workshops, investment rounds, demo days (TICS and Social).

Paula Macedo and Verena Pessim on "Architecting Happiness" at WIAD

They reflected about the Flow Theory of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Insights from Ethnographic Research with Spiritualists and Entrepreneurs on Happiness and Human Centered Services, discussing about how we can contribute to the genuine happiness of people through Information Architecture and Experience Design tools.

INSITUM invited to Lateinamerika-Tag 2014 (Latin America Day)

Luis Arnal was invited to Cologne, Germany to participate in a roundtable discussing Innovation developments in Latin American Organizations with more than 400 business people doing business between Germany and Latin America.

INSITUM at Service Design Global Conference

Yoel Lenti and Luis Arnal present at the Service Design Network conference in Stockholm, Sweden (Oct 7-8, 2014). Sharing service design best practices to create better experiences and increasing the quality of life.

Luis Arnal invited as jury at the Core77 Design Awards

President and Founder of INSITUM Luis Arnal was invited to be a jury in the ‪‎Service Design‬ category of the Core77 Design Awards 2015, an annual celebration of excellence in all areas of design.